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Spirulina Soy

Spirulina  Soy (OsteoSoy® Spirulina) is a functional food, that contains Spirulina, calcium and 100% organic de-skinned, non-GMO soya beans. It has a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition. It is considered to offer additional benefits that may promote optimal health. It is suitable for vegetarians

Packing size: 24 packs per carton (1 pack 12 sachets)
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Product Description

Spiruina Soy is for boosting of energy and vitality.

What is Spirulina?

It is a blue green algae found in marine environment. It is a ‘superfood’ due to its high nutritional profile. It is an excellent source of proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, beta-carotene, antioxidants, vitamin B12 & minerals. Proteins and vitamin B12 is very important to the vegetarians as they do not eat meat.

Spirulina is also rich in Chlorophyll which is important for energy metabolism.

Why is Calcium important to us?

Calcium is present in the highest amount in the body, among all the minerals found in our body. Calcium plays an important role to build strong bones and teeth. The recommended calcium intake for the age group between 19 – 50 years old is 1000mg and 1200mg for the age group 51 years old and older.

Spiruina Soy has high content of calcium. Milk calcium is higher quality calcium and can be absorbed better by our body. The amount of milk calcium in each sachet is ≈500mg which is equivalent to half a litre of Fresh Milk.

Why 100% organic de-skinned soy?
Spirulina Soy is made from 100% premium grade de-skinned soya beans that are non-genetically modified. De-skinned soya beans are lower in purine. Our soya beans are grown organically without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides. It is cholesterol free. It also naturally contains isoflavones, which helps to increase bone mass.

In convenient & hygiene sachet pack:

  • Easy to bring around
  • The powder will not be contaminated and becomes lumpy


  • Maintains healthy and younger looking skin
  • Promotes strong bones and teeth

Main Ingredients (per sachet)

  • Organic de-skinned soya beans, Spirulina (400mg), calcium (≈500mg)

Packing size:

24 packs per carton (1 pack 12 sachets)


  • Store at room temperature below 30 degree celsius.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.

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