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Welcome to www.marinex.com.sg or herein known as “MarinEx”
It is important that you go through the policies and understand them before registration. It will help you to understand how MarinEx operates and ensures how we could serve you best. Only registered customers are able to place orders through MarinEx. Guest shoppers can only browse but cannot place orders.
The use of MarinEx website is subject to the following Terms and Conditions. By using MarinEx website you agree to be bounded by these Terms and Conditions.

1. MarinEx reserves all rights to change the price and any content of the website without any prior notice.
2. Products sizes may vary from the description offered on-line due to the lead time between changes done by suppliers and updating of system.
3. The prices advertised on MarinEx are meant for home delivery shopping only and these prices may from time to time vary from those found at physical retail stores in Singapore.

Registration provides a unique identification for each customer, and helps us trace all orders in cases where there are queries or problems.
Registration is simple and done only by individual shopper. Customers must provide a unique email and Password. The email and password will be required for login to MarinEx.
1. Customers must be over 18 years of age and shall provide MarinEx with complete and updated personal information, which includes the Customer’s name, address telephone and e-mail address.
2. The Customer shall be responsible for updating his or her personal information so as to allow an accurate and timely processing of order.
3. The Customer will be asked to register as user before getting access to the payment gateway. The site will prompt user to enter an e-mail address to allow a purchase summary to be sent to the given e-mail after any purchase has been made. User will also be asked to enter a set of password that is uniquely for the site.
4. The email address and password are to be used for subsequence log-in and it is the Customer’s sole and unqualified responsibility to ensure that the email address and its password for the site are kept strictly confidential to prevent unauthorized use.
5. You will be asked to provide a Password upon registration. This Password must be kept confidential and must not be disclosed or shared with anyone. You will be responsible for any purchases and activities that are submitted under this Password.
6. MarinEx reserves the right to refuse, suspend or terminate registration of individual and corporate member immediately at our discretion.

Termination of Use
MarinEx reserves the right to terminate your account without any prior notice if you have provided false, misleading or incomplete information, or failed to honour any outstanding payment within a reasonable timeframe or if MarinEx has reason to believe that your Account has detrimental effect(s) on the business of MarinEx legally or otherwise, or if you have violated any terms and conditions stated on our Sites. We retain the sole right to determine if your Account should be terminated and such decision is final and binding.

1. MarinEx expressly excludes all warranties, descriptions, representations or advice rendered as to the fitness or suitability for any purpose, tolerance to any conditions, similarity to sample, merchantability or otherwise of the Product supplied to the fullest extent permitted by law.
2. No Agent or representative of MarinEx is authorized to make any warranty, representation or statements given as to the fitness or suitability for any purpose, tolerance to any condition, similarity to sample, merchantability or otherwise of the Product supplied.

Intellectual Property
Any elements of text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, logos, concepts, branding or other artwork furnished shall at all times be the property of MarinEx, and that unless and until a written permission has been given.
Controlling Law and Jurisdiction
Republic of Singapore Law & Jurisdiction is applicable.
Variation of Terms and Conditions
MarinEx reserves the right to amend or update the terms and conditions herein at its sole discretion without notice to the Customer. MarinEx is not responsible for content of any other sites outside the MarinEx Website.

While every care is taken in the production of this website, information sheet, the publisher, editor and writers do not assume any responsibility for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions arising thereof. The information (prices, product picture and all information related to MarinEx contained therein may change without prior notice. Customers who like to find out if they are suitable to use over the counter pharmaceutical and/or health products should seek the advice of appropriate qualified physicians and healthcare professionals about their health or medical condition before any consumptions. The material contained in this website must not be reproducedwithout the written permission of the publisher and/or copyright holder. At any time the company reserves all rights to review or change the prices, contents of the website or products without any prior notice.
www.marinex.com.sg includes information and links to sites, companies and/or individuals mentioned herein and are not responsible for their correctness of information, advice, security, and/or actions, activities and do notconfirm their files and programs are accurate, complete, virus-free or if they infringe any rights of any third party, nor be responsible for any association you may have with them.
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